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A line short skirt

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Full Weight Productions

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It’s rare that you find a 600 lb woman who actually goes out of her way to tell you that she WANTS to jump on you. And she wants to stand on you. And that’s just the kind of woman Nora is. Which is wildly sexy. But insanely scary, too.

In this video you’ll see her feel out drops and flops for the first time. It doesn’t take long for her to catch onto the fact that she can actually jump a bit, which is saying a lot relative to her relationship with gravity. She dives right in, without hesitation, to tossing her girth around on Matt as if he was a trampoline. One of the drops actually caused his back to hit the floor. And that’s a very thick mattress!

See the preview or purchase the full clip here:

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Curvy Chaleesi does NOT mess around. Come see her straight up wreck Matt with her feet and ass. She starts out trampling. There’s some great POV action, too, that lets you see what it looks like having her powerful frame standing on you. She bounces around on him as if he’s a trampoline and even stands on his throat a little. She finalizes her first trampling experience by bouncing on him with her knees.

She wasn’t done, though. She wanted more and she wanted to use her ass. She wraps up with some downright violent butt drops straight onto his chest and throat. She mixes in some facesitting and throatsitting between each drop. But these are BIG ones! He had bruised ribs for a week.

Catch the free trailer or purchase the full version

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Felicity loves her body. She loves to use her heavy body to flatten guys. And she loves for guys to worship her body while she does it in the form of massage. It seems so innocent… her sitting there calmly. Make no mistake about it, though… supporting her weight on the hard floor for minutes on end is a challenge. Especially when she slides back to your throat and cuts off any chance of breathing until she decides to allow it.

This is one sexy woman.

Youtube Trailer:

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BigmommaKat & Kimmy Crush team up on a sofa without cushions to smash Herman straight into the springs. It’s always amazing to see just how muc space two women of this girth fill up. And all of that space has a price that’s paid through its relationship with gravity. Translation? This is heavy as hell! Dangerously so!

These two might be the finest duo to ever grace the squash industry. Don’t miss out!

Youtube Trailer:

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He thought this was going to be one of the easier shoots when Felicity broke out the beach ball. That thing didn’t last more than 60 seconds, though, before it popped under her pressure. From that point forward, it was a full on assault on his body.

She crushed his chest and throat with her ass. She kneeled on him… at one point literally jumping up and down on his torso full weight from her knees. And she trampled the heck out of him… using him as a human trampoline, shaking her luscious ass and thighs, and using his throat as a doormat.

When he taps and tries to lift her off, she kicks his hands away.

Truly brutal.

Youtube Trailer:

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This is class GG & Lexi. No s are given about Matt’s little body under their massive weight. They don’t care that he’s laying on a solid wood board that provides zero cushion when receiving their full weight. And they ignore his moans and grunts as they hoist their loads onto him without concern.

This video is chock full of laughing, bloopers, and full weight fun.

As a bonus, we showed some very brief full weight trampling at the end. First Lexi and then GG. GG had the record for shortest trample in the history of FWP. Matt holds the record around these parts for tolerating huge women standing on him. Yet, here he was tapping GG immediately. It didn’t help that every ounce of her was on a single foot on his belly. We’ve never seen his body smashed so flat.

Youtube Trailer:

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Felicity seems to have no understanding of just how sensitive an area somoene’s throat is. Nor does she seem to have an understanding of just how heavy she is. Or, maybe it’s just that she truly doesn’t give the slightest of cares when it comes to his wellbeing.

Whatever the case, she really pushes him to his limits here. She’s looking her curviest. This was after a long day on the beach. She flaunted her stuff on the crowded beach all afternoon. When she came back, she wanted nothing more than to feel his throat under her.

Come watch her sit on his throat full weight every which way.

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BigmommaKat loves when little guys worship her ass. She completely controls Herman here while she sits full weight on his face in her stinky underwear. At one point Herman requests for BigmommaKat to stop farting. To which she responds with a prompt no and continues her intense smothering.

At certain points, Herman is literally swimming in her ass flesh trying to find air pockets.

Youtube Trailer:

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